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spin-off n : a product made during the manufacture of something else [syn: by-product, byproduct]

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spin + off


  1. offshoot
  2. A television series where the protagonist was introduced on an earlier show.
    Like most spinoffs, I enjoy Fraiser more than the original show.

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A spin-off (or spinoff) is a new organization or entity formed by a split from a larger one, such as a television series based on a pre-existing one, or as a new company formed from a university research group or business incubator. In literature, especially in milieu based popular fictional book series like mysteries, westerns, fantasy, or science fiction the term sub-series is generally used instead of spin-off, but with essentially the same meaning.
Spin-offs as a descriptive term can also include a dissenting faction of a membership organization, a sect of a cult, a denomination of a church. In business, a spin-off is essentially the opposite of a merger. In computing, a spin-off from a software project is often called a fork.
A spinoff-product, is a product deriving elements of design , branding or function from an existing product, but which is itself a new distinct product.

Corporate spinoff

The common definition of 'spin out' is when a division of a company or organization becomes an independent business.

Government spinoff

Civilian goods which are the result of military or governmental research are also known as spinoffs.

Media spinoff

Media spin off is the process of deriving new radio, video game, movie series, book series or television programs from existing ones.

Research spinoff

A research spinoff is a new company based on the findings of a member or by members of a research group at a university.
The term is also used for concepts or products spun off a research project, for example methods or materials pioneered during the Manhattan Project (spin-off: Commercial Nuclear Power) or during the Space Race (spin-offs: Many, Integrated Circuits and hence most modern electronics, freeze-dried foods, satellites, et-cetera, and et al.).
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